Medical Cosmetic Consult (read more)

Doctor's consult $90 for up to 30 mins

Redeemable for 2 weeks against any treatments

No consultation fee for ongoing treatments

Medicare rebate might be available for some of the consults

Skin Cancer check (read more)

Skin cancer check is exclusively offered prior to some cosmetic treatments and the price for skin cancer check is already included in the price for these cosmetic treatments as an essential part of the treatment and you do not need to pay any extra money (e.g before any treatments for pigmented or non pigmented lesions on skin). We do not offer skin cancer check otherwise.

Anti-wrinkle injections by doctor (read more)

Brand 1:  $5 per unit


Brand 2: $15 per unit

Notice) the above price is for treatments needing more than 30 units

Jawline slimming treatment by doctor (read more)


Gummy smile treatment by doctor (read more)


Fillers treatment by doctor (read more)

Lip filler $550 per ml

Cheek filler $550 per ml

Nasolabial fold $550 per ml

Marionette lines $550 per ml

Jaw definition $550 for 1 ml

Temples $750 per ml

Nose (non surgical rhinoplasty) $850 per ml

Fine lines and details ($500 per ml)

Chin $ 500 

Tear trough  $550 

Notice) $100 will be reduced from the price of any added ml for filler treatments needing more than 1 ml in one session.

Excessive sweating - Hyperhydrosis treatment by doctor (read more)

Underarms $550

Palms $950

Halo Laser treatment by doctor (read more)

$1600 for treatment with the physician 

Clear Silk laser treatment by doctor (read more)

Full face $350

+ complementary Healite II LED 

Full face and Neck $500

Full face, neck and décolletage $600

BBL skin rejuvenation treatment by doctor (read more)

Full face $400

+ complementary Healite II LED and hydrating facial mask

BBL skin correction treatments by doctor (read more)

This is usually considered for treatment of pigmented or vascular lesions in an isolated location (i.e. nose, cheek, etc)

Price varies depending on the case

Please discuss with the treating physician

BBL Forever Bare - Permanent hair reduction (read more)

Please shave the treatment area on the same day otherwise shaving price will be added.

We recommend that you take a photo of the area being treated before shaving (this will help us to optimize our treatment settings).  Please protect the treatment area against sun exposure and avoid sun tanning.

BBL permanent hair reduction is arguably the most effective method for permanent hair reduction compared to traditional laser and IPL devices (safest, faster, more effective and more comfortable). The treatments are performed by physicians.

Price from $65 per session (click here for detailed pricing)

BBL - Acne treatment by doctor (read more)

Full face $250 per session + 2 added complementary LED light therapies for each session (as a package for each session to enhance your treatment)

Usually 6 sessions of BBL Acne Treatment is recommended (Fortnightly) 

Skin Tyte treatment by doctor (read more)

Neck $350 per session 

Face $350 per session

Knees $250 per session

Elbows $250 per session

Ideally 6 sessions with 2 to 4 week intervals is recommended (the 6th session will be free for patients who have had 5 sessions within 6 months)

Eyelid lift -non surgical treatment by doctor (read more)


Fractional Plasma therapy for Wrinkles treatment by doctor (read more)

Crow's feet $1000

Other areas to be discussed case by case

Xanthelasma treatment by doctor(read more)

Plasma ablative therapy

$1500 for upper eyelids

$ 1700 for upper and lower eyelids

PRP - Platelet Rich Plasma treatment by doctor (read more)

We use a special gun that makes treatment faster and more comfortable

Full face $650 (1 tube)

Full face and neck $850 (2 tubes)

Full face, neck and décolletage $1000 (3 tubes)

Hands $600 (1 tube)

Scalp PRP needs to be discussed case by case as part of the package for hair regrowth treatment

PRP plus Micro needling - Vampire Facial treatment by doctor & dermal technician (read more)

Full face $800

Hair regrowth treatment (read more)

Price varies depending on the nature of hair loss, number of treatments, and types of treatments offered. You need to book a consult for further discussion.

Laser therapy for fungal nail infection treatment by doctor (read more)

$200 for toe nails per session

$200 for finger nails per session

Up to 4 treatments might be needed

Microdermabrasion (read more)

Full face $120

Full arms $80

Full back $80

Lower legs $80

Mesotherapy (read more)

Mesotherapy with personalised cocktails $250 full face

LED Healite II light therapy (read more)

$90 per session

Wart lesion Fractional Plasma Therapy by doctor (read more)

$350 for one lesion

$ 400 for two lesions

$ 450 for 3 lesions

$ 500 for 4 lesions

Cosmetic skin tag and mole removal by doctor (read more)

Multiple small lesions such as skin tags, milia, syringomas

$450 less than 10 per session

From $600 more than 10 per session

Price for single lesions depends on the type of lesion, size and location


  • there are many services that are not on the price list. They need to be discussed during the consult. 

  • Brio Medical Cosmetic Clinic is BY PRIOR APPOINTMENT ONLY to ensure the highest quality of care.

  • To make an appointment, please call and leave a voice message or alternatively send your message via our contact details. We will contact you ASAP (usually within a couple of hours) to discuss your appointment. If you prefer not to be contacted on your phone, please communicate with us via our email or message box. 

  • Free car park is available on request (please ask our admin staff when booking your appointment).

  • Please cancel your appointment if you experience fever, respiratory symptoms, or if you had contact with suspicious COVID 19 cases within the last 3 weeks.