Freckles, brown spots, pigmentation treatment by BBL, IPL, HALO Laser, at Brio Medical Cosmetic Clinic. Botox injection price

Brown spots (hyper-pigmentation) is due to increased melanin synthesis in the skin. There are variety of skin conditions that manifest with hyper-pigmentation. 

It is vital to check hyper-pigmentation before any cosmetic treatments to rule out presence of malignant features suggestive of a dangerous type of skin cancer called melanoma.

At the Brio Medical Clinic we first conduct a skin cancer check of the area of skin planned to be treated.

In regards to the treatment of benign brown spots, the benign Hyper-pigmentation associated with photo-aging is one of the most common. Chronic UV exposure contributes to formation of lentigines, mottled pigmentation,  darkened freckles (ephelides), Poikiloderma of Civatte. Other common cosmetic benign hyper-pigmentation conditions include melasma and post-inflammatory hyper-pigmentation.


  • Remove exposure to triggering factors. For instance, sunscreen to reduce UV exposure. Considering to treat underlying hormonal disorders (i.e. Poly-cystic Ovarian Syndrome). 

  • Superficial exfoliation with chemical peels and microdermabrasion.

  • Microneedling.

  • Mesotherapy.

  • Topical Product regimen for Hyper-pigmentation (daily home skin care regimen).

  • Lasers, BBL, IPL.

  • Usually the best outcome happens with combination of treatments. This needs to be tailored to each individual based on the type of hyper-pigmentation and the skin type.