Skin rejuvenation by BOTOX, FILLERS injection, HALO laser, Laser Genesis, Clear Silk Laser, PRP at Brio Cosmetic Clinic Melb

For skin rejuvenation we aim for improvement in skin texture/tone, colour / glow, reduced intensity of hyperpigmented (brown spots) and erythematous (red) lesions. In addition, we try to minimize wrinkles, pores, scar tissues, and undesired excessive hair. We also aim to remove unsightly moles/skin tags/xantalasma.

Treatments offered at Brio Medical Cosmetic Clinic:

Notice: the best treatment options tailored to each individual based on the skin condition, skin type, accepted down time, desired outcome, and budget.

  • Sunscreen

  • Daily home skin care regimen consultation

  • Anti-wrinkle injections

  • Dermal fillers

  • Halo laser which is a Hybrid Fractional Laser 

  • Laser (Clear Silk)

  • BBL (Forever young BBL, Forever Clear BBL, Forever Bare BBL, Skin Tyte)

  • Fractional plasma (Plasmage) therapy

  • Microneedling

  • Microdermabrasion

  • PRP

  • Mesotherapy

  • LED therapy