BOTOX, FILLERS injection. Price list for Botox injection at Brio Medical Cosmetic Clinic in Melbourne, Brighton, Toorak, Kew

Facial contour enhancement is a delegate scientific / artistic task that needs to be left in hands of someone who has artistic taste, knowledge about beauty parameters, in debt understanding of facial anatomy, procedure methods and treatment options. More importantly there is a need for open discussion about desired outcomes, limitations, risks and benefits of each option. 

Treatments available at Brio Medical for facial counter enhancement:

- Aesthetic consult

- Fillers

- Anti-wrinkle injections for the purpose of facial contour enhancement (i.e.  Jawline slimming, Lip eversion, treatment of gummy smiles)

- Laser treatment with Skin tyte (Sciton)

- BBL Forever young (Sciton)

- Non surgical eyelid lift treatment

- Discussion about referral to plastic surgeons when indicated (i.e. for surgical face lift when indicated)