BOTOX anti-wriknle

Anti-wrinkle injections (Cosmetic BoNT), are used for treatment of dynamic wrinkles in the face, neck, and chest. Dynamic wrinkles are caused by muscle movements and facial expression. In addition, these injections could be used for facial sculpting and as an adjunct to other rejuvenating modalities.

Treatments offered for anti-wrinkle injections:

  • Forehead line

  • Frown lines

  • Crow's feet (lines around the eyes)

  • Brow lift

  • Bunny lines (lines on the nose)

  • Gummy smiles

  • Smoker's lines (lines around the mouth)

  • Lines on the corners of the mouth (Down-turned corners)

  • Dimpling of the chin

  • Jawline slimming (for widened or square jaw)

  • Neck band - Nefertiti lift (the effect is to improve the definition of the jawline, relax the jowls, and provide an upward lifting effect in the neck and jaw area)