MICRO NEDDLING + ​PRP (Vampire Facial)

Micro needling is a treatment that involves using a special micro needling device to repeatedly puncture the skin with tiny, sterile needles. This treatment improves gradual skin rejuvenation over time by stimulating skin collagen production.


Micro needling has been used to treat:

  • Fine lines and wrinkles

  • Lax skin

  • Acne scars

  • Stria / stretch marks

  • Scars

  • Fine lines around the eyes and mouth

  • Skin quality improvement on neck, decolletage and hands

  • It also helps with Seborrhaeic Hyperplasia and Milia treatment



  • Acute infections

  • Acute pustular acne

  • Skin cancers

  • Papulopustular Rosacea

  • Warts

  • Scleroderma

  • Haemophilia

  • Brittle NIDDM

  • Keloids

  • Being on high dose prednisone treatment

  • Unrealistic expectations (please be aware that micro needling is NOT capable of altering facial features significantly or immediately)


Post treatment:

  • Full skin recovery is usually achieved 5 days after treatment

  • Petechia (pinpoint bleeding spots under the skin) may appear especially on areas where skin is delicate (I,e. around the eyes). This may last for a couple of days.

  • Expect mild swelling and dryness for a couple of days

  • You should avoid sun exposure, heavy exercise, hot showers, saunas, tattooing, skin products, spray tans for 2 days post treatment.

  • We combine this treatment with red light phototherapy for faster healing and improved outcome.



  • Skin quality improvement continues months after treatment

  • Micro needling will improve the scar, but it will not be eliminated (we might combine different treatments to achieve the optimal outcome. At the Brio Medical Cosmetic Clinic, we offer different types of treatment for scar treatment depending on the type of scar, its location, and skin type).

How many treatments needed?

  • In general, we recommend 3 sessions (4 to6 weeks apart). However, this could be different case by case and needs to be discussed further during your initial consultation.

  • Micro needling could be combined with PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) treatment. This treatment is known as Vampire Facial. Please see our PRP page for more information.